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Welcome at Tantradenbosch


I'm Maria Aarts and my first experience with tantric massage was in 2006. From then onward I continuously enhanced my skills, achieving the level of certified Massage Therapist in 2012. Professionalism and quality are important to me. Investing in more training and personal development for even further improvement are therefor a logical choice.

What is a tantric massage?

It is a massage based on Eastern philosophy and aims to achieve a state of being whereby you are fully relaxed, experiencing it like a warm bath of love, respect and attention. The energetic deep touch aids in the process of bringing you in contact with the fullness, strength and softness of your life energy. One aspect is  transforming sexual desire into life energy.  Each treatment is different and is tuned to your individual needs.

Working from a respectful and professional basis, I aim to achieve the best possible experience and results. Most rewarding is the high degree of returning customers. Their satisfaction with results like a prolonged feeling of wholeness, relaxation and generally an enormous boost to life energy make them do that.


Usually the massage takes place in the attic of my home, where a room has been created with the right, comforting atmosphere. On request, other locations are a possibility.


Tantric massage (daytime, 2 hours) € 150
Every extra half hour € 40
Surcharge during evenings € 20
Surcharge during weekends € 20
Travel surcharge up to 10km € 25
Travel surcharge >10km € 0.30/km

Maximum time you can book is 4 hours where you get beside a taste of different sensual massage techniques, some small bites and drinks  € 290

Contact: +31644 11 8000 or call 073 888 5594
email: tantradenbosch@live.nl
The address is located 2 km from 's-Hertogenbosch
De Savornin Lohmanlaan 18, Vlijmen


" The meaning of life lies in the difference we make in the lives of others ...... "

( Nelson Mandela )